How do I know what classes I have taken and gotten credit for?

The website for the state Commission where you hold your license is where you should verify your credits.

 For Maryland and Virginia, you may verify your credits by logging on to the website for each state where you hold a license:

D.C. only: For D.C. licensees taking classes eligible for D.C. required or elective credit, you will be issued a certificate within 10 business days of successful class completion. Please retain this certificate for your records. Since DLCP’s new system has not launched, there is currently no way for GCAAR to report your credits to the D.C. Real Estate Commission nor for you to verify your credits. You can access additional information at the DC Real Estate Commission’s website, including contact information.

You can check the classes you’ve completed with GCAAR by going to → My Account → My Education History → Classes You Have Taken.

Status for classes attended:

  • V: Virtually attended
  • NC: No continuing education credit provided
  • NI: No ID affadavit, no credit
  • NS: No-show
  • R: Reciprocity (only for those seeking a D.C. license who hold another license)
  • Blank: GCAAR only tracked attendance prior to July 20, 2020

If the field shows a “V”, your continuing education hours are reported within 10 business days to the MD and VA real estate commissions and D.C. licensees are issued certificates. Please again verify your credits by logging on to each state where you hold a license via the links in the previous question.